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We take great pride in supporting people to live well at home and in the community. Here are stories of how we make our magic happen.

Person playing piano

Edith’s Story

When BelleVie met Edith she had dementia and was taking medication to help her to live life as normally as possible. After speaking with Edith, we realised that we could help her to live a more fulfilling life, beyond just getting by each day.

One of our Wellbeing Support Workers, Josephine, built a really good rapport with Edith, and she quickly understood what brought a smile to Edith’s face. Edith often spoke about Farmoor Reservoir and how her and her husband used to visit the reservoir regularly. Upon hearing this, Josephine organised a trip to the reservoir, which evoked fond memories for Edith and she enjoyed reminiscing about her time with her husband.

Josephine also discovered that Edith had stopped playing the piano because she struggled to read the music. To resolve this, Josephine found an old hymn that Edith was fond of and photocopied the notes to enlarge them, making them easier to read. Edith enjoyed playing the piano, while Josephine sang along.

By not just focusing on Edith’s primary needs – providing dementia care and helping her with her medication – instead taking all of her needs into account, we managed to help Edith live life to the fullest again.

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